Zobacz, z czyimi ocenami przyjdzie Ci się zmierzyć na ringach!

Viktoria Varsani (IT)

My dog sporting career began in 1998 with the arrival of my first dog. He was followed by a Hovawart. With him I started working in IPO. In 2003 another Hovawart came into my life. We started training in IPO and Obedience and reached the highest working class 3 in both disciplines. At the Hovawart world championships in 2007 we achieved 3rd place. In German Obedience championships for Hovawarts in 2008 we achieved 1st place and the title of German Hovawart Obedience champions. When he was 6 years old I withdrew him from active competitions due to health reasons. In 2006 another Hovawart joined our family. With him I reached class 3 in Agility. In 2015 a new dog came into my life – a Border collie. We are working in Obedience and herding.

Gerlinde Dobler (DE)

Gerlinde Dobler, 56 years old. Dogsport since 1999. First steps in IPO, then Agility and Obedience. Obedience judge since 2010. Trainer obedience and agility since 2005. My current sports dog is Dory Princess Ynis Avalach, a 5 years old german shepard. She is run in agility and obedience. In both sports in the highest classes and we take part in both german championships and wm qualification obedience. For me, obedience is joy in the teamwork man/dog, constant challenges and learn to clear the problems of the individual teams. I am very pleased with the invitation and the chance to judge Poland's best teams

Mads Moller (DK)

I started doing obedience in 2003. In 2006 I competed for the first time at the World Championship in obedience in Poland. From 2007-2010 I Finished in top-10 at the WC, with 2008 being world champion as the highlight and also 2010 being world champion (team) as a wonderful experience. I was Team leader for the Danish obedience team several times between 2011-2015. I became obedience judge in 2014 and was chief Judge at the Nordic championship in 2015. In 2014-2015 I was a FCI member of the obedience commission. In 2018-19 I will be judging Joop de Reus cup in Germany, the Nordic championship in Sweden and in 2019 I will be judging at the WC in Prague. I will be looking forward going to Poland for judging.

Piritta Parssinen (FI)

I am Piritta "Pipa" Pärssinen form Finland. I started judging at obedience in 2004 and I have been judging e.g. in Nordic Championship and World Championship. I compete in obedience among other things (hunting, rally-obedience and so on) with my flat-coated retrievers.